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To be a “pilgrim” (status viatoris)

To purchase this book, please follow this link. “Viator means wanderer, walker, wayfarer, pilgrim. The last term has acquired a special meaning and became a familiar part of religious parlance. We speak of the “pilgrimage” of this earthly life. This … Continue reading

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Blaise Pascal

“Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) wrote his Pensées in order to provide an apology for the Christian religion. He contrasts the geometric spirit (esprit géometrique = Descartes’ method of reducing complex whole to simple elements, ideas, or principles followed by deductive reconstruction) … Continue reading

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Pascal — “know yourself”

“You must know yourself; even though that knowledge serves in no wise to find the truth, at least it serves to help you regulate your life, and there is nothing more appropriate” (Blaise Pascal, Selections from The Thoughts, p 11).

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