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Plato’s allegory of the cave

(The Republic , Book VII) Socrates And now, I said, let me show in a figure how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened:, Behold! human beings living in an underground den, which has a mouth open towards the light … Continue reading

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“prime trustfulness” and love

… our own existence in fact testifies to nothing less than our being loved by the Creator. What this can specifically mean for man’s relationship to the cosmos is movingly expressed by a remarkable, little-known writer with somewhat old-fashioned solemnity, … Continue reading

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Fear of the Lord, trust, and hope

“Paschasius Radbertus comments with an appositeness we can but admire: “Holy fear guards the summit of hope.” In Holy Scripture (Ps 115:11), the same thought is expressed in language that is at once simple and elegant: ‘They who fear the … Continue reading

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The Fear of the Lord and Hope

“Fear of the Lord and the theological virtue of hope are naturally ordered to one another; they complement one another” (Josef Pieper, Faith, Hope, Love, p. 137).

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the companions and peers of despair

“Though not the only offspring of acedia, despair is the most legitimate. Saint Thomas Aquinas has assembled the filiae acediae, the companions and peers of despair, in a demonic constellation that it will be rewarding to consider for a moment… … Continue reading

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Acedia and Kierkegaard

“Acedia is what Kierkegaard, in his book on despair (Sickness unto Death), has called the “despair of weakness”, which he considers a preliminary stage of despair proper and which consists in the fact that an individual ‘is unwilling, in his … Continue reading

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Acedia as perverted humility

“One who is trapped in acedia has neither the courage nor the will to be as great as he really is. He would prefer to be less great in order thus to avoid the obligation of greatness. Acedia is a … Continue reading

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